The narratives which I produce are depictions of concepts.  My work is informed by  the fact that I am a woman, an Israeli by birth, the daughter of Shoah (Holocaust) survivors and a Jew. I make religious, cultural and geographical references  in my art to these themes. 

My process for creating the pieces begins with a written thought on which I build visual images. I then hone the composition with finished pen and ink drawings prior to completing the paintings. By using specific colors, poses, objects and observational view points, I load each pastiche with meaning.

The fascination I have with the simplicity of printmaking in black and white is rooted in the contrast to my lushly colored wood panel paintings
I had been creating for years. The stark imagery, the concision of line as opposed to a rich framework of brush strokes and the need for heightened narrative in order to convey the message, are challenges that
I eagerly embrace.

My technique of painting in acrylic on wood panel, uses the living grain of the wood to enhance the interior movement of the painting.  By building up layers of contrasting colors I attain a translucence which I further emphasize with a surface of gel. This final layer also gives the painting an illusion of greater depth and dimensionality.

Most of my works are created as series. I like to develop a theme and play off of previous images in creating new ones. The truths I narrate are very personal, but the resulting images have a universal appeal.

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